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iATTHEMO-TRIDENT: Advanced Marine Gyro Compass System

iMAR iMOUT Mounting Utility Tool

iMOUT: Mounting and Operation Utility Tools for Inertial Measurement Systems in Testing Vehicles


Qualitätsmanagementsystem und Produktion zertifiziert gemäß EN 9100 / DIN ISO 9001 und EASA Part21G


iTNAV: Torpedo Navigation System

Tracker Range: 3 x iIPSC-MSG-60 target trackers, following a target

iIPSC-TR: Target Tracker Range Control

iDrillGuide: Horizontal Directional Drilling

iDrillGuide: Horizontal Directional Drilling

iMAR Navigation: iIPSC-HSG Gyro Stabilized EOTS Platform

iIPSC-HSG: High Speed Gimbaled Camera Platform with Pan Tilt Gyro Stabilization

iMAR Navigation: iIPSC-LSG Gyro Stabilized EOTS Platform

iIPSC-LSG: High Resolution Inertial Gyro Stabilized Camera Mount or Electro/Optics EOTS (Pan-Tilt Module)

iREF-GNSS-BASIC: RTK GNSS Reference Station with GNSS antenna and VHF antenna mast

iREF-GNSS-PRO, iREF-GNSS-BASIC, iREF-M200: GNSS RTK Reference Stations

iPowerBox: Uninterrupted Power Supply

iPowerBox: Uninterrupted Power Supply

iPST-FMS and Surveying software iPSE

iPST: Gyro based Pipeline Surveying System

iMAR Robust Aviation and Gun Fire Approved Magnetometer iMAG-DMC

iMAG-DMC: Magnetometer for UAV, Aviation and Defense

iCWPTA and iMWS Wheel Speed Sensors

iCWPTA and iMWS Wheel Speed Sensors

iOET²: Target Video Tracker

iIPSC-SINAX: Azimuth Antenna Stabilizer  for Navy Applications

iIPSC-SINAX: Azimuth Gyro Stabilized Naval Platform for 300 kg Payload

iFOG-IMU-1-B: Fiber OptiC Gyro + MEMS Accelerometer based IMU: 0.9 deg/hr / 2 mg

iFOG-IMU-1: Inertial Measurement Unit, class 1 deg/hr, small size and FOG based

iMGYR-SN: MEMS based Gyros with integrated Odometer Interface and CAN/RS232/RS422 Output (Gyro Sensor)

iMGYR-SN: MEMS based Gyros with integrated Odometer Interface and CAN/RS232/RS422 Output (Gyro Sensor)

iOLFOG-S-D: Fiber Optical Gyro

iOLFOG-S-D: Fiber Optical Gyro


iTES-PDT07: Single-Axis Turntable for MEMS Sensor Testing (Gyro, Accelerometer)


iSSMC: Ship Stabilization and Motion Control


iTGAC / iTGC: Gyro and Accelerometer Unit

iMAR Navigation: iVRU-CB MEMS Gyro based inertial measurement sytem

3D-ALS: Ultra Precise INS/GNSS for LIDAR Applications (iAIRSURV)

iSRIF: Trajectory Control for automotive testing steering robots (ABD etc.)

Container Terminal

iAG²VC: Autonomous Vehicle Guidance & Control (outdoor, indoor)

SmartPos_antenna on vehicle.JPG

iSmartPos-3D: GPS based True Heading

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