iMAR Navigation: iPEGASUS Alignment System
iMAR Navigation: iPEGASUS Alignment System
iPEGASUS: Transfer Alignment System for Guns, Antennas and Sensors on Ships, Helicopters, Airplanes
iPEGASUSLT Miniaturized Transfer Alignment Tool

iPEGASUS: Transfer Alignment System for Guns, Antennas and Sensors on Ships, Helicopters, Airplanes

Gyro Based Autonomous Transfer Alignment Systems

Surveying Aligning of Machine Tools, Communication and Radar Antennas, Pedestals, Navigation Sysems, Fire Control Systems etc.

With increasing quality requirements and the need for a continuous monitoring of quality, the surveying or aligning of machining centers and robots or the transfer alignment of inertial navigation systems (INS), guns, fire control systems, missile attack warning systems or the alignment of telecommunication and radar antennas has gotten of significant importance during the last couple of years.

Therefore, iMAR has designed the Transfer Alignment System iPEGASUS, a patented highly precise inertial measurement system, which provides a three dimensional attitude/heading information relative to a reference orientation with an accuracy up to 0.01°.

In differential mode with two iPEGASUS systems also guns and radar antennas can be aligned on moving naval vessels.

iPEGASUS works without any external aids and is easy to handle for everybody, where only one single person is necessary for operation. Thus the measurement time for aligning or surveying is reduced dramatically compared to traditional laser or camera supported systems. iPEGASUS is a handy tool which generates up to more than 100 measurements per second, showing results on screen in real-time and which allows the generation of a measuring protocol designed for your application.

Using two iPEGASUS in differential mode allows furthermore the alignment of fire-control systems, guns or shafts even on moving naval vessels.

Picture: iPEGASUS, mounted on top of an anti-aircraft / anti-missile gun ("Sky Shield" of Oerlikon Contraves / Rheinmetall) during calibration phase of the gearboxes of the gun during manufacturing process. With the obtained measuring results the deterministic deviations of the gearboxes and the total kinematic chain are fully compensated to increase the hit probability of the gun significantly.

iPEGASUS is the well-known reference for aviation and ship-building industries as well as for paper machinery operators to solve challenging alignment tasks within a fraction of time which is required by conventional optical systems.

With iPEGASUS-LT additionally the true-north direction is provided and a chargeable battery is included. It is used e.g. for 4G / 5G communication antenna alignment (for precise direction and polarization, 0.15° absolute heading accuracy), for alignment of redundantly mounted AHRS devices on aircrafts and vessels (as installation support tool) or for mortar alignment. Due to the gyro based operation, iPEGASUS-LT can be even operated if optical tools are not applicable (e.g. in the night or at bad weather conditions) or if they are too time consuming. 

Further information:

Datasheet iPEGASUS-HP-T: High Performance Transfer Alignment System (several classes available, no ITAR exort restriction)

Datasheet iPEGASUS-LT: Economic Transfer Alignment and Absolute Alignment System

Datasheet iPEGASUS-HP-H: High Performance Transfer Alignment System (ITAR restricted, not recommended for new applications --> use iPEGASUS-HP-T instead)

Datasheet about usage of iPEGASUS for Sensor Alignment in Missile Approach Warning Systems

Datasheet about Usage of iPEGASUS for Shaft Alignment and Antenna / Sensor Alignment in Naval Vessels, Leisure Yachts and Cruise Ships

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