iMAR Navigation: iVRU-CB MEMS Gyro based inertial measurement sytem

3D-ALS: Ultra Precise INS/GNSS for LIDAR Applications (iAIRSURV)

iAIRSURV-LS1000: RLG or FOG based Advanced INS/GNSS Motion and Angle Reference and Surveying System for Laser Scanning Applications

iAIRSURV-LS1000 is a complete INS/GNSS solution to support advanced air-borne laser scanning applications.


  • airborne laser scanner (Riegl or Leica)
  • high accurate inertial measurement system of type iNAV-RQH or iNAV-FJI, aided with a GNSS receiver (GPS / GLONASS / GALILEO) [class 0.002 deg/hr, 0.002 deg/sqrt(hr)]
  • high resolution camera system synchronized to the laser scanning system
  • powerful post-processing software, 1 cm / 0.000'8 deg performance

Further information:

Datasheet 3D-ALS / iAIRSURV-LS1000 (I)

Datasheet 3D-ALS / iAIRSURV-LS1000 (II)

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