iSWACO-ARGUS: Proving Ground Instrumentation & Automation for Testing and Validation of automated driving vehicles up to SAE Level 5, using iMAR's superior INS/GNSS vehicle localization & guidance systems. 

iSWACO (Swarm Control): Multiple Vehicle Navigation, Guidance & Control using secured low latency navigation (iTraceRT-MVT, iNAT) and RF communication (iDMN) between highly automated vehicles on land, in the sea and in the air.

iTSV series, iMAR's fully automated self driving vehicles to be used as Traffic Simulation Vehicle or as sensor validation carrier to test cameras, lidar, radar or other sensors within a repeatable real-world environment.  

iiTSV-KIA-NIRO: Fully automated driving vehicle for proving ground automation and logistics applications

iTSV-KIA-NIRO: Fully Automated Vehicle for Proving Ground Instrumentation & Platooning

iSWACO-ARGUS: Integration of 4a System's Soft Targets with iMAR's iNAT-M200-OEM on board

iSWACO-ARGUS: Testing PAD / HAD / FAD Vehicles on the Proving Ground up to SAE Level 5

iTraceRT-MVT: Systems for automotive testing (iMAR @ PEGASUS Project, 10/2018)

iTraceRT-MVT: Latest INS/GNSS/+ Generation for Single- and Multi-Vehicle Tracking & Steering Applications

iARGUS-CMD: Traffic Scenario Definition, Execution on the Proving Ground and Visualization

iARGUS-CMD: Traffic Scenario Planning, Verification, Execution & Visualization Software

iDMN-OHS: Dynamic Mesh Communication Network - Object Mounted HotSpot, mounted on car's roof

iDMN: Dynamic Mesh Communication Network

SCT after a test (iMAR iNAT-M200 inside of SCT for control and inside of VUT for monitoring)

Soft Crash Target (SCT) - in collaboration with 4a-Systems

iREF-GNSS-BASIC: RTK GNSS Reference Station with GNSS antenna and VHF antenna mast

iREF-GNSS-PRO, iREF-GNSS-BASIC, iREF-M200: GNSS RTK Reference Stations


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