iIPSC-MSG-60 for EOIR payloads
iMAR Navigation: iIPSC-MSG in the Negev desert at Weapon Test Evaluation Center WTEC (Israel)
IPSC-MSG at a naval vessel at Weapon Test Evaluation Center WTEC (Israel)

iIPSC-MSG-60: Electro/Optical Target Tracker System with Inertial Gyro Stabilization

Two Axes AZ/EL Gyro Stabilized Tracking Platform for On-shore and Off-shore Applications

Series iIPSC-MSG-60 to replace Cine-Theodolites for Missile and Aircraft Tracking

iIPSC-MSG-60 is a stabilized gimbaled platform, also named EOTS (electro optical tracking system) for up to 60 kg payload (cameras, antennas, laser designator etc.) for surface and naval applications.

Direct drive brushless servo motors combined with direct drive high resolution encoders ensure the precise and smooth tracking of the iIPSC-MSG in Azimut and Elevation.
All axes are sealed. The selected materials are corrosion resistant and surface treated to withstand harsh land based or shipboard environmental conditions. The basic instrument can be adapted to specific applications by the addition of optional equipment or features.

Being designed to be used to expand existing and build up  new test ranges, the iIPSC-MSG-60 and all other members of the system family iIPSC-MSG-xxx are able to operate in clusters together with Cinetheodolites of type EOTS / EOTSF (Electro Optical Tracking System of Contraves) or the Cinetheodolites of Askania or Brashear or pedestals and tracking mounts of Photo-Sonics, Oerlikon or Sagem and furthermore they can replace elder tracking pedestals and Cine-Theodolites. The open architecture allows efficient adaptations to the most required setups.

Installation Example: Weapon Test Evaluation Center WTEC at the desert and at the Naval Test Range on naval vessels (full setup with 3 iIPSC-MSG units and Central Station Control).


  • Two-axes central payload platform: azimuth and elevation axes for LOS (line-of-sight) control
  • Adaptable to different and multiple sensors due to customized mounting tray (option); balanced payload up to 60 kg
  • Direct torque drives for highest resolution, negligible hysteresis and superior dynamics
  • Made for mobile (off-shore) and static (on-shore) installation: a high performance INS/GPS system of type iNAT-RQH can be applied in the base to stabilize the payload on naval vessels or trucks
  • Available Control Devices: iSCU Stabilisation and Control Unit incl. iOET² Video Target Tracker, iJP Joystick Panel, INS/GPS control and blind pointing feature
  • iOET² Opto Electronic Target Tracking for Auto Tracking, (with multi target capability and fast 50 meas./second)

Further information:

Datasheet: iIPSC-MSG-60 and iIPSC-MSG-130
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