iTAHS: Tactical Attitude & Heading Sensor (3D magnetometer)

iTAHS: Tactical Attitude & Heading Sensor for UAV, AUV and Defense

3D Magnetometer with integrated IMU for Harsh Environment and Subsea

iTAHS is a three axes magnetometer being designed for all kind of application of magnetic heading sensing, especially also in subsea and other harsh environmental conditions. The sensor can be calibrated in hard-magnetic and soft-magnetic environment and deliveres magnetic north with high bandwidth.

The integrated MEMS based accelerometers and gyros allow an accurate determination of magnetic heading also large dip angles and under certain motion.

The standard iTAHS comes with a pressure resistant titanium made enclusure and 3'000 m deep water resistance. 

  • 3 D magnetometer
  • azimuth accuracy 0.5 deg (rms)
  • full +/-180 deg roll and +/- 90 deg pitch capability w/o any degradation
  • up to 30 Hz data rate
  • RS232 (TTL) and SPI interfaces

Further information:

Datasheet will be available in 10/2016

Datasheet iMAG-DMC

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