iNAT-M200 Small Light Weight MEMS Based Navigation, Surveying & Control System (500 Hz)

Low Weight Small Size Economic Cost MEMS Based INS/GNSS Systems

iNAT-M200 is a family of light weight small-size accurate MEMS based INS of class 0.1...10 deg/hr (AllanVariance bias stability), consisting of 3 robust MEMS gyro axes and 3 MEMS accelerometer axes, integrated GNSS Receiver (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU; L1L2 RTK), wheel sensor interface and an advanced 42+ state Kalman filter based INS/GNSS loosly or tightly or deeply coupled data fusion.

The iNAT series is used for navigation, guidance and control of vehicles, stabilization of platforms, surveying reference as ground truth etc. in the fields of industrial, automotive, surveying, defense and space applications. The full accuracy range of the members of the iNAT family from economic to high-end can be found here:

Link to the entire iNAT system family


  • Applications: GNSS aided navigation (air, land, sea, subsea), attitude heading reference (AHRS), surveying, UAV, AUV and RPV guidance & control, dead-reckoning navigation etc.
  • Real-time data output: longitude, latitude, alttude / height, velocity, roll, pitch, yaw / heading, angular rates, acceleration, status, calibrated raw data INS/GNSS (for post-processing)
  • Interfaces: RS422 & RS232 (UART) Interfaces, CANaero / ARINC825 / CAN / CANopen, Ethernet (TCP/IP and UDP), SYNC-I/Os
  • Data output rate up to 500 Hz (each data log separately adjustable)
  • Minimum latency and minimum jitter on data output
  • Measurement range:
    iNAT-M200/S~N & /M~N: +/-400 deg/s, +/-10 g (also 30 g version available)
    iNAT-M200/S~D & /M~D: +/-500 deg/s, +/-8 g (also 40 g and 2000 deg/s versions available)
    iNAT-M200/S~C & /M~C: +/-450 deg/s, +/-18 g (use iNAT-M200/~~D for new projects)

  • Inertial Sensor Performance:

    Heading accuracy (for RTK aiding see datasheet):
    iNAT-M200/S~N: 0.1 deg (GNSS aided)
    iNAT-M200/S~D: 0.3 deg (GNSS aided) 
    if the dual-antenna GNSS option (-DA) is equipped: heading performance about 0.2 deg at 1 m baseline, resp. 0.05 deg at 4 m baseline (pure GNSS, under sufficient GNSS conditions)

    Attitude accuracy (for RTK aiding see datasheet):
    iNAT-M200/S~N: < 0.03 deg (GNSS aided)
    iNAT-M200/S~D: < 0.1   deg (GNSS aided)

    Position Accuracy:
       GNSS-L1L2 aided < 1.8 m (rms) [S/A off]
       GNSS aided 0.02 m (rms) [if RTK available and sufficient GNSS conditions]
       GNSS-L1 aided < 2 m (rms) [S/A off] - no RTK and no dual-antenna setup supported 

    Noise / ARW:
    iNAT-M200/S~N & /M~N: 0.15 deg/sqrt(hr) / 60 µg/sqrt(Hz)
    iNAT-M200/S~D & /M~D: 0.15 deg/sqrt(hr) / 23 µg/sqrt(Hz)

    Bias stability (AV):
    iNAT-M200/S~N  & /M~N: < 0.5 °/hr, 0.06 mg @ const. temp.
    iNAT-M200/S~D & /M~D: < 2.5 °/hr, 0.1 mg @ const. temp.

  • Integrated 42+ state tightly or loosley or deeply coupled data fusion
  • Internally up to 128 GByte non-volatile memory for data storage
  • Dual-antenna GNSS Version available as option to support heading determination also during initial standstill condition.
  • Connectors: MIL-C-38999 III type and TNC / M12
  • Power Supply: 9...34 V DC, < 10 W. iNAT provides two independent and isolated inputs to allow the supply from two different power sources - the iNAT always takes the energy from those supply with the highest voltage. The inputs are protecxted against reverse voltage and over-voltage.
  • Weight: approx. 850 grams (depends on options)
  • EMI-EMC protection designed to MIL-STD-704F / MIL-STD-461G / MIL-STD-810G
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Modular system architecture: customized applications can be integrated by iMAR easily (please contact our sales engineers for details and the SDK). So the iNAT can provide arbitrary data and command protocols according to customer requirement, e.g. to substitute other navigation systems by iNAT (e.g. for Form-Fit-Function replacements).
  • Enough computation power on-board available to integrate customized applications on request.
  • iNAT-M200 is neither ITAR nor export controlled.
  • iNAT-SLx: Version with high performance GNSS engine and loosely coupled INS/GNSS/ODO data fusion
  • iNAT-STx: Version with high performance GNSS engine and tightly coupled INS/GNSS/ODO data fusion
  • iNAT-MLx: Version with high economic GNSS engine and loosely coupled INS/GNSS/ODO data fusion
  • iNAT-MTx: Version with high performance GNSS engine and tightly coupled INS/GNSS/ODO data fusion
  • x = N: high performance MEMS sensors integrated
    x = C, D: mid performance MEMS sensors integrated 
  • See also iNAT-MSLG-5 for systems with ultra high performance MEMS based sensors

Further information:

Datasheet iNAT-M200/SLN, iNAT-M200/STN and iNAT-M200/MLN, iNAT-M200/MTN

Datasheet iNAT-M200/SLD, iNAT-M200/STD and iNAT-M200/MLD, iNAT-M200/MTD

Datasheet iNAT-M200/SLC, iNSAT-M200/STC and iNAT-M200/MLC, iNAT-M200/MTC

Note: Due to continuous process and sensor optimization in iMAR labs, the iNAT-M200/MLI is replaced by the iNAT-M200/MLD and all iNAT-M200/MLI orders will be delivered since November 2018 as iNAT-M200/MLD. The both systems are fully compatible in interface and price.  

Datasheet iNAT-M200-FLAT OEM Version

Datasheet iATTHEMO-M  True North Dual Antenna INS/GNSS for Marine and Naval Applications

iXCOM-CMD: Easy-to-use software (GUI) to operate iNAT systems (incl. powerful wizard)


Report: iNAT-M200/SLN for Trainer Aircrafts (2016)

Publication in SENSORS 2017: INS/GNSS Integration for Aerobatic Flight Applications and Aircraft Motion Surveying using iNAT-M200

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