iIPSC-MSG: Pedestal for Navy Applications with RF Antenna (in the background of iMAR's tracker assembly area: azimuth/elevation gimbal for 1.8 tons antenna payload)
iMAR Navigation: iIPSC-MSG gyro stabilized EOTS platform
iIPSC-MSG-60: EO/IR Target Tracker for stand and customized payloads

iIPSC-MSG-60: Stabilized Pan Tilt Tracking Platform for up to 60 kg or 130 kg Customized Payload

Gyro Stabilized Electro Optical & Antenna  Targeting & Tracking System for Multi Purpose Payloads

The family of iMAR's EOTS pedestals iIPSC-MSG-60 are fully two axes gyro stabilized systems for standard and customized payload including video tracking (iOET²) capability, true north alignment, joystick and remote control capability and provides an open interface to the user's computer system.

The iIPSC-MSG-60 can carry up to 60 kg customized payload (EO/IR, antennas etc.) under full dynamic and 130 kg under limited dynamic (iIPSC-MSG-130). The payload can consist e.g. of daylight and IR cameras, laser range finder (LRF), RF antennas, SATCOM devices, designators, illumination systems or other equipment.

The system can be controlled by the user's command system or by the integrated joystick control System iJP. A powerful operator software iIPSC-CONTROL is provided together with the pedestal for operation, configuration and maintenance purposes.

iIPSC-MSG-60 and iIPSC-MSG-130 datasheet

Video of iIPSC-MSG-60 for Aircraft and Missile Testing, equipped with IR camera (200 Hz), HighSpeed Camera (7200 pictures / second), laser range finder (up to 32 km distance, 0.25 mrad), daylight HDTV camera - gyro stabilized (78 MByte - 3 minutes)  (c) iMAR Navigation GmbH

Video of iIPSC-MSG-60 installed on iMAR's hexapod test facilities (70 MByte)   (c) iMAR Navigation GmbH

Video of tracking iIPSC-MSG-60 (1) (9 MByte)   (c) iMAR Navigation GmbH

Video of tracking iIPSC-MSG-60 (2) (9 MByte)   (c) iMAR Navigation GmbH


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