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Audi Autonomous Piloted Driving: 240 km/h with iTraceRT-F400 on Hockenheimring

18. Oktober 2014

iMAR's iTraceRT being used to steer Audi's "piloted driving concept" RS7 Sportback

In October 2014 the engineers of Audi AG and iMAR Navigation GmbH demonstrated automous driving at high speed on the wellknown Hockenheimring in Germany. Audi demonstrates its "piloted driving concept" during the DTM race at October 19th 2014 by driving fully autonomously with up to 240 km/h.

The motion detection and steering control is based on iMAR's iTraceRT-F400 INS/GNSS technology, aided by iMAR's iREF-L1L2 realtime RTK based correction system to achieve 2 cm Position accuracy. Additionally a video based signal processing is used to aid the autonomous vehicle guidance. Mercedes class E Klasse        

Independent on Audi's piloted driving activities, iMAR has a fully equipped automated driving vehicle available at its facilities to evaluate the latest INS/GNSS/camera/radar/LIDAR based hardware and algorithms in dedicated environmental setups.     

Further information:

Video of Audi AG about autonomous driving DTM racing car RS7 using iMAR's INS/GNSS navigation Equipment iTraceRT-F400 and iREF-L1L2 [in German language]    (c) Audi AG / Netzwelt

Video about Audi's RS7 autonomous driving race car using iMAR's INS/GPS navigation Equipment [in English language]    (c) Audi AG

Press Release Audi AG: RS7 ohne Fahrer auf dem Hockenheimring [in German language]   (c) Audi AG

iTraceRT-F400 datasheet

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