iTGAC / iTGC: Gyro and Accelerometer Unit

Triaxial Sensor Cubewith Fiber Optical Gyros and MEMS Accelerometers

With iTGAC a product fam­ily is provided for dynami­cally motion analysis that covers ap­pli­cations which require a medium accu­racy and a simple using. iTGAC-FC is a triaxial gy­ro cube with three orthogonal mounted rugged fi­ber op­tical gy­roscopes and three MEMS-ac­cel­erome­ters with analog out­put. The iTGAC-FC will be deliv­ered with a calibration sheet containing the polyno­mial co­effi­cients for a user-operated exter­nal correc­tion at room tem­pera­tue for in­dustrial applications like camera stabili­sation, machine guidance or automotive test­ing.

The iTGAC-FOSA is a similar product, but with more accurate servo accelerometers.

Further informations:

Datasheet iTGAC-FC: medium accuracy, 20 deg/hr, 10 mg, analog output
Datasheet iTGAC-FOSA: medium accuracy, 20 deg/hr, 2 mg, analog output
Datasheet iTGAC-ROV: medium accuracy, 20 deg/hr, 10 mg, analog output, designed for automotive roll-over tests
Datasheet iTGC-F and iVRU-F: medium accuracy, 20 deg/hr, analog output  versus iVRU with 10 deg/hr gyroscopes

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