iMGYR-SN: MEMS based Gyros with integrated Odometer Interface and CAN/RS232/RS422 Output (Gyro Sensor)

iMGYR-SN: MEMS based Gyros with integrated Odometer Interface and CAN/RS232/RS422 Output (Gyro Sensor)

High Performance MEMS Based Angular Rate Sensor (Gyroscope Sensor)

The series iMGYR-x-D angular rate sensor is re­al­ized as an advaned MEMS based gyroscope meas­uring rotation rate.

  • robust MEMS gyro with low noise
  • interfaces:  CAN, RS232, RS422, ana­log
  • synchronisation input and out­put avail­able
  • wide range of power supply
  • used for automatic vehicle guidance (forklifters, AGVs, straddle carriers), ship motion con­trol etc.
  • compatible to FOG version iOLFOG-S-D (size, interface)

Compared to other gy­ro­scopes, the MEMS gyro­scope has the ad­van­tage of low noise, unsur­passed robust­ness and long lifetime. iMGYR-C-D and iMGYR-SN-D provide both a com­pensated di­gi­tal output (CAN or RS232/422) and an compensated ana­log out­put as an option.

The iMGYR-SN-D comes in an rug­ge­dized alumi­num housing and con­tains the MEMS based sen­sing element fol­lowed by high so­phisti­cated analog and digital signal proc­ess­ing. After a high speed dig­itization and a microproc­essor based signal proc­essing the iMGYR-SN pro­vides an output sig­nal be­ing proportional to angu­lar ve­locity. The inte­grated mi­cro-proc­es­sor re­duces the nonline­arity to much less than 0.2% f.s and compen­sates the bias on the digital and analog out­put over tem­pera­ture. As an option an input for an addi­tional incre­mental encoder is available for appli­ca­tions in vehicle guid­ance. In sum­mary the iMGYR-SN is cre­ated as an advanced "plug & meas­ure" MEMS based an­gular rate sensor for easy handling and with high reliability.

Further informations:

Datasheet iMGYR-SN-D (highest performance class of MEMS gyros, 10 deg/hr OTR)

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