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iAG²V (1), iALS (1), iANT (1), iATTHEMO (5), iCOMBANA (5), iCORUS (2), iDAGOS (2), iDIS (0), iDMN (2), iDRPOS (3), iIMU (6), iIPSC (12), iMADC (1), iMAG (3), iMGYR (1), iMOUT (2), iMWS (1), iNAT (16), iNAV (4), iNetGo (1), iODOT (1), iOET² (9), iOLFOG (1), iPEGASUS (1), iPowBox (1), iPRENA (4), iPST (2), iRailLoc (2), iREF (2), iSLD (1), iSULONA (3), iSSMC (2), iSWACO-ARGUS (8), iSYNC (1), iTNAV (1), iTraceRT (2), iTURN / iTES (3), iVRU / iµVRU (7), iXCOM-CMD (3)

iiTSV-KIA-NIRO: Fully automated driving vehicle for proving ground automation and logistics applications

iTSV-KIA-NIRO: Fully Automated Vehicle for Proving Ground Instrumentation & Platooning

iSWACO-ARGUS: Integration of 4a System's Soft Targets with iMAR's iNAT-M200-OEM on board

iSWACO-ARGUS: Testing PAD / HAD / FAD Vehicles on the Proving Ground up to SAE Level 5

iTraceRT-MVT: Systems for automotive testing (iMAR @ PEGASUS Project, 10/2018)

iTraceRT-MVT: Latest INS/GNSS/+ Generation for Single- and Multi-Vehicle Tracking & Steering Applications

iMAR Navigation: iATTHEMO-TRIDENT-H Marine Gyro Compass + Motion Reference Unit + GNSS

Gyro Compassing and GPS Compassing Systems (output of true heading)

iXCOM-CMD: Command Software and GUI for all iNAT and similar INS/GNSS Systems

iARGUS-CMD: Traffic Scenario Definition, Execution on the Proving Ground and Visualization

iARGUS-CMD: Traffic Scenario Planning, Verification, Execution & Visualization Software

iDMN-OHS: Dynamic Mesh Communication Network - Object Mounted HotSpot, mounted on car's roof

iDMN: Dynamic Mesh Communication Network

iMAR Navigation: iATTHEMO-M  True Heading INS for Naval and Marine Applications

iATTHEMO-M: Economic True Heading, Attitude, Position, Velocity Sensor for Ride Control, Guidance and Stabilization of Fast Ferries, Marine and Naval Vessels

iNAT-M200: INS/GNSS part of iSWACO-M200

iSWACO-M200: Navigation & Vehicle Controller for Swarm Control (automated and autonomous driving / flying / saling / diving)

iSYNC: Module for accurate signal time stamping for IMU / GNSS / camera / laserscanner / odometer synchronization

iSYNC: Module for Most Accurate Synchronous Time Stamping

iNAT-M200 Small Light Weight MEMS Based Navigation, Surveying & Control System (500 Hz)

iNetGo: Data Modem for GNSS GBAS Data Distribution

iNetGo+: Data Modem to receive GNSS Corrections

iNAT-M200-FLAT Miniature MEMS Based Navigation, Surveying & Control System (500 Hz)

iRailLoc-C: Advanced Train Positioning System for Localization and Communication

iTAHS: Tactical Attitude & Heading Sensor (3D magnetometer)

iTAHS: Tactical Attitude & Heading Sensor for UAV, AUV and Defense

iTraceRT-F402/7  INS/GNSS systems for automotive testing

iTraceRT: Accurate INS/GNSS Systems for Automotive Applications

SCT after a test (iMAR iNAT-M200 inside of SCT for control and inside of VUT for monitoring)

Soft Crash Target (SCT) - in collaboration with 4a-Systems

iNAT-U200/RLD Ultra Light Weight INS for Navigation, Surveying & Control (500 Hz)

iMAR Navigation: Core of the iCORUS Airborne Gravimeter

iCORUS Airborne Gravimeter System

iNAT-RQT-400x: RLG Based Navigation, Surveying & Control Systems (0.002 °/hr, ITAR free)

iPRENA-M-H: DRU / MAPS Replacement (RLG based INS/GNSS Solution)

iPRENA-V: Precision Navigation for Defense Applications (0.3 mil sec lat, RLG)

iCOMBANA-II: Combat Vehicle Navigation with Gyro Compassing Capability (dual-use equipment)

iNAT-FSLG-01: FOG Based Navigation, Surveying & Control System (0.1 °/h, 1'000 Hz)

iNAT-FSSG-1: FOG Based Navigation, Surveying & Control System (1 °/h, 1'000 Hz)

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