iNAT-M200: INS/GNSS part of iSWACO-M200
iSWACO-M200-2C: Swarm Navigation & Guidance Controller with integrated INS/GNSS, GSM, LTE, WLAN and OBD CAN interface for vehicle control
iSWACO-M200: Navigation & Vehicle Controller for Swarm Control (automated and autonomous driving / flying / saling / diving)

iSWACO-M200: Navigation & Vehicle Controller for Swarm Control (automated and autonomous driving / flying / saling / diving)

INS/GNSS solution with included LTE / GSM / WLAN and integrated vehicle control interface

Swarm Control is a most important application for highly autonomous operating vehicles. All vehicles have to operate within a shared space, a joined task has to be fulfilled and therefore the trajectory control of each swarm member (e.g. autonomous marine vessels, unmanned airborne vehicles, highly automated road vehicles etc.) is as mandatory as communication is between every member and - if desired - also with a control center.

With iSWACO (Swarm Control Navigation & Communications &Vehicle Control) iMAR has launched a family of systems to serve the needs of highly autonomous operating vehicles. Beside of the localization task (INS/GNSS etc.) it contains a powerful multi-band RF communication (LTE, GPRS/GSM, WLAN) and also an integrated, but for safety reasons separated microcontroller which is used to inject set values to the vehicles actuators (engine torque, steering, brake...) in real-time for automated or autonomous vehicle control purposes.   

Hence iSWACO-M200 is a device with an integrated navigation solution based on inertial sensors and a highly sophisticated data fusion by incorporating information from GNSS, wheel sensors, RADAR or stereo camera for precise positioning as well as environmental survey.

The integrated multi-band communication module for LTE, GSM and WLAN allows be able to interact with all other swarm members in the neighborhood as well as with an upper level control center. Beside of standard those standard communication, also iMAR's dedicated iDMN Dynamic Mesh Network is available for advanced communication requirements for larger swarms or where no sufficient communication infrastructure is available. 


  • INS/GNSS with up to L1L2 GPS/GLONASS RTK and dual-antenna capability
  • Accurate roll, pitch, heading, WGS84 or UTM position & velocity, rates and acceleration
  • Safety Design: Separate CPUs internally for navigation and vehicle control  
  • Integrated odometer input
  • Integrated vehicle control output (CAN / OBD, Ethernet, UART RS422/232, GP-I/O, USB) for highly automated driving applications
  • Integrated global communication I/F via LTE, GSM, WLAN
  • Optional iDMN Dynamic Mesh Network for advanced communication available
  • PPS output for external synchronization purposes
  • customized interfaces on request

Further information:

iSWACO-M200 Datasheet (INS/GNSS with included RF Communication and integrated Vehicle Control)

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iXCOM-CMD-MVT: Product Flyer about GUI with Multi-Vehicle Tracking  


Example: Using iMAR's Swarm Technology (iSWACO) for automotive testing:

iSWACO-ARGUS: Video of operation with testing scenarios of traffic jam and a lane change (driverless driven TSV by iMAR technology without any need of any steering robot) on proving ground Pferdsfeld / Germany with TÜV-Süd Auto-Service GmbH and Volkswagen AG in 10/2017 (6:45)

iSWACO-ARGUS: Product Flyer (4 pages)

iSWACO-ARGUS: User Manual

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