Inertial Navigation Systems / INS/GNSS of Product Family iNAV (see iNAT for new and future applications)

iNAT-RQT-400x: RLG Based Navigation, Surveying & Control Systems (0.002 °/hr, ITAR free)

iNAV-FMS-E-DA, standard edition

iNAV-FMS-DA: Inertial Fiber Optic Gyro Navigation System with Dual-Antenna GNSS based True Heading, 0.1 deg/sqrt(hr); not covered by export control

iNAV-FMS, standard edition

iNAV-FMS: Inertial Fiber Optic Gyro Navigation System, class 0.75 deg/hr

iMAR Navigation: iNAV-RQH Ring Laser Gyro based inertial navigation sytem

iNAV-RQH: Inertial Gyro Navigation System (ring laser gyro based), 0.001 deg/sqrt(hr)

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