lundi, 12 février 2018
iNAT-M200 on MAN Heavy Tactical Recovery Vehicle (HTRV)
iXCOM-CMD GUI software for system configuratin, system operation and data visualization / conversion
iNAT-M200: Light-weight, fully MIL qualified Navigation and Localization System

iMAR wins order to deliver iSULONA-V for a Fleet of 60 MAN Heavy Tactical Recovery Vehicles (HTRV)

Precise, Economic Navigation and LocalizationSolution for Heavy and Lite On-road and Off-road Vehicles  

In early 2018 iMAR delivered the first batches of iSULONA-V against an order of 60 systems. A fleet of HTRVs (Heavy Tactical Revovery Vehicles) will be equipped with these systems, which allow a precise localization, using GNSS aiding or (in case of GNSS unavailability) also waypoint aided navigation. The iXCOM-CMD software provides a powerful but simple to use HMI for daily operation as well as for route planning or maintenance. Furthermore, the open command and data exgange interface allows the user to implement his own HMI, using the also provided SDK. 

The Site Acceptance Test (SAT) had been successfully performed in February 2018.

The iSULONA-V is compatible to iMAR's other systems of the iSULONA, iCOMBANA and iPRENA family, providing navigation and localization performance from MEMS class over FOG and HRG performance up to RLG performance. 

Further information:

iSULONA Datasheets (INS/GNSS with included odometer interface and sophisticated data fusion)

iXCOM-CMD Operator Software

Download links to the operator's software iXCOM-CMD and also to the  iXCOM-CMD-MVT ("MVT = Multi Vehicle Tracking), which also allows to localize and guide a swarm of vehicles simultaneously:

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