iSRIF: Trajectory Control for automotive testing steering robots (ABD etc.)

Steering Robot Interface to control ABD Steering Robots for precise Trajectory Following

The iSRIF provides the interface between the iTraceRT-Fxxx INS/GPS and the ABD steering robot. The accuracy is in the 2 cm level, even at high dynamic maneuvers. 

The new generation of iMAR's INS/GNSS systems (entire iNAT family) contains the "ABD steering interface" without any need additional box.

The iSWACO-ARGUS does not even need a steering or driving robot anymore, it just controls the vehicles actuators and gets you simply rid of those equipment. This leads to higher efficiency on the proving ground cost saving and best test performance. Nevertheless, all iMAR devices of families iTraceRT-MVT and iNAT contain already the interface to conect directly to the ABD steering and driving robots.

Further informations:

Datasheet iSWACO-ARGUS

Datasheet iSRIF

Product Information about TraceRT System Family

Paper in "Automotive Testing Technology Intl.", June 2009

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