iMAR iMOUT Mounting Utility Tool
iMAR Mounting Utility Tool
iMAR Mounting Utility Tool
iMAR Power Distribution Box (customized)

iMOUT: Mounting and Operation Utility Tools for Inertial Measurement Systems in Testing Vehicles

Mounting and Operation Utility Tools

The usage of inertial measurement systems on moving platforms like automotive testing vehicles, trains or aircrafts requires a solid and rigid installation.

To support its customers, iMAR provides customized Mounting Support Tools, which make it more easy for the applicant to integrate the inertial measurement systems like iNAT, iTraceRT, iSULONA, iPRENA etc. into testing and application vehicles without the need of own mechanical design and manufacturing of such equipment.

Also a protected power supply distribution or well organized data distribution and cabling is helpful for a complex system setup. iMAR provides customized operation utility tools on request.


  • Mounting Rack to mount several measurement systems.
  • Cable Distribution Box to provide power supply to several measurement systems (each switchable and protected by fuse). It also contains a CAN bus distribution with switchable 120 Ohm terminator.
  • Customized solutions - please do not hesitate to contact us with your needs
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