iTURN-3D-HIL: Multi-Axes Turntables for Gyro Calibration and HIL Simulations

3-Axes and 2-Axes customized Turntables for INS and Antenna HIL Testing

The iTURN-3Dx-HIL is a precision 3-axes turntable for testing gyros, accelerometers, IMUs, INS, tilt sensors, stabilized antennas or e.g. optical devices under lab conditions with high angular and rate accuracy under static as well as  dynamics motion environment.

The iTURN-3Dx is the same precision turntable, but with lower dynamics values.

The iTURN-2Dx and iTURN-2Dx-HIL are the same systems as described before, but without an rotating outer azimuth axis.   


  • Multiturn continuous rotation on all three axes, fiberoptical rotary joints and electrical sliprings
  • Positioning resolution of 0.02 arcsec and high rate stability
  • High dynamics for advanced calibration and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) applications (from ultra-low speed up to 4'000 deg/s² and 1'000 deg/s and even more on request)
  • Electrical observed interlocks on each axis
  • CAN, Ethernet and RS422 command interface
  • Output of axes position, velocity, encoder counts, status with high data rate
  • Optional Auto Balancing Capability (ABC) and Auto Leveling Capability (ALC) available
  • iTURN-Command software for user operation and parameterization (GUI / HMI); additionally a communixcation protocol is available to command the iTURN devices directly by customer applications.
  • Customized versions available on request regarding payload weight and size, dynamics, number and configuration of axes etc.; gyro stabilization available for usage in gimbal applications on moving vehicles
  • Made in Germany

Further information:

Datasheet iTURN-3D1       3-Axes Motion Table (includes iTURN-2D1)

Datasheet iTURN-3D1-HIL 3-Axes Motion Table (includes iTURN-2D1-HIL)

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