iOET²: Target Video Tracker

Opto-Electronic Target Tracking on an Inertial Stabilized Platform

Tracking targets in the sky, on the road or in the sea requires an automatic system to perform this task. With the iIPSC-OET² we have merged two devices to a powerful platform:

iIPSC: Gyro Stabilised Platform
iOET²: Opto-Electronic Target Tracker

  • remote controlled 2...5 axes stabilized platforms / gimbals / pedestals for EO/IR and antenna payloads
  • daylight & infrared camera + laser range finder all on one platform, together with laser designator or laser illuminator as option
  • gyro stabilization; using MEMS or FOG or RLG sensor technol­ogy
  • advanced opto electronic target tracking, processing of up to 50 images / second
  • high bandwidth, fast response
  • robust system design, fully sealed
  • for use on speed boats, naval vessels, trucks, UAVs, helicopters, fixed-wing aircrafts etc.

The iIPSC-OET² can be installed on land vehicles, helicopters, fixed wing aircrafts, naval vessels or speed boats. Where the iIPSC with its included inertial sensors is stabilizing the platform and decoupling it from the vessels motion, the iOET²opto electronic target tracker, which is based on an advanced image processing, is able to track the target in respect to reasonable contrast and SNR. An inte­grated trajectory estimator allows a continuous track­ing even if the target is tempo­rarily covered by buildings, clouds or other targets. The tracker can work with daylight cameras as well as with IR cam­eras.
A user friendly configuration tool is included, which allows the application specific configuration of the system. Furthermore a teach-in and education mode is available which can be used to educate the opera­tor (if required) in an HIL (hardware-in-the-loop) mode. For advanced applications also a camera calibration tool is provided.

For high performance applications the optical head is equipped e.g. with a Zeiss / HENSOLDT ATTICA IR camera and a ZEISS / HENSOLDT or Sony daylight camera. Custom specific solutions can be provided on request.

For the stabilized platform typically the iIPCS-MSG or iIPSC-PT or iIPSC-HSG or iIPSC-LSG are used. They are con­struc­ted as a highly mo­dular system with strong drive systems, designed to be op­erated in harsh environment (iIPSC-MSG is available also with nitro­gen filling) and which can easily be adap­ted to the cus­to­mer’s needs.
The systems can be equipped for stabilization and geo-referencing with a FOG based gyro system (iNAT-FSSG or iNAT-FSLG), with a MEMS gyro based inertial sensor system (iNAT-M200) for most economic applications or with a ring laser gyro (RLG) based INS/GNSS system (iNAT-RQT, iNAT-RQH) where the application requires additionally most accurate true heading related tracking / initial target searching and most accurate target position surveying.
The integrated iSCU (Stabilisation & Control Unit) pro­vides the interface between the gyro system, the im­age tracker, the user operated joystick (iJP) or command computer and the servo drive system.

Further information:

Datasheet: iIPSC-OET²

Details and application video can be found in the download area

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