iIPSC-SINAX: Azimuth Antenna Stabilizer  for Navy Applications

iIPSC-SINAX: Azimuth Gyro Stabilized Naval Platform for 300 kg Payload

Gyro Stabilized Single Axis Platform 

The iIPSC-SINAX is a single axis gyro stabilized system including optional true north alignment (by gyro compassing or by dual-antenna GNSS support) and joystick control. It provides an open interface to the user's computer system.

The iIPSC-SINAX can carry up to 300 kg customized payload under dynamic motion (200 °/s² acceleration at 50 kg and 40 deg/s² at 130 kg payload [also dependent on moment of mass inertia]). Typical payloads are standard amd phased-array antennas or optical equipment.

The system can be controlled by the user's command system (via CAN, Ethernet or UART) or by the integrated joystick control System iJP.

iIPSC-SINAX datasheet: Single Axis Azimuth Stailizer for heavy Payloads

Video of iIPSC-MSG-60 installed on iMAR's hexapod test facilities (70 MByte)   (c) iMAR Navigation GmbH


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