iDrillGuide: Horizontal Directional Drilling
iDrillCtrl: Trajectory Planning Tool for Horizontal Directional Drilling

iDrillGuide: Horizontal Directional Drilling

The Most Precise Gyro Based Drillhead Guidance System

A Leading System for Borehole Drilling and Surveying

DrillGuide is the gyro based online guidance tool to perform fully gyro guided drill holes over up to 2 km and following any programmed shape with an accuracy of better than 1 m per 1’000 m distance, used for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and vertical drilling jobs. The inertial core of DrillGuide is designed and manufactured by iMAR Navigation, DrillGuide is a TradeMark of Brownline B.V., who are also operating the jobs using the DrillGuide system.


  • Sensor System Accuracy: 0.04 deg true north, 0.01 deg pitch accuracy
  • No disturbance by magnetic fields (railways, power lines etc.)
  • Online Position monitoring, no costly after-job surveying required
  • No calibration at construction area required, operable by customer’s staff

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Datasheet iDrillGuide

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Datasheet iDrillGuide: Trajectory Planning Tool for Horizontal Directional Drilling

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