Montag, 20 Mai 2019
ZalaZone Proving Ground Inauguration: iMAR invited to present leading technology
iSWACO-ARGUS: Setup for ACC Testing during ZalaZone Test Track Inauguration in 05/2019

ZalaZONE Proving Ground - iMAR demonstrates with 5G communication

PEGASUS Safeguarding Toolchain demonstrated on the new ZalaZONE Test Track

After we demonstrated the new seamless workflow for safeguarding for highly automated driving cars during the PEGASUS Symposium together with AUDI AG on the Volkswagen proving ground in Ehra-Lessien / Germany just last week, we had been invited to demonstrate an even more complex setup during the inauguration of the new European proving ground ZalaZONE in Hungary today, together with the introduction of the new 5G technology by T-Systems and Ericsson. 

About 150 invited high ranking guests from industry, research and politics visited our life demonstration during the ZalaZone test track inauguration, where we showed in a joint activity of T-Systems and Ericcsson, how to control a fully automated driving "Traffic Simulation Vehicle" iTSV-KIA within a complex traffic scenario, first time via their 5G communication on a proving ground, and how to perform communication between several participating cars and the iARGUS-CC Control Center.

The impressive demonstration showed as an example a setup to verify or homologate the functions of ACC (active cruise control) of a standard Golf VII car by stimulation via the iTSV-NIRO, where the visitors had been even allowed to interact with the iTSV-KIA during the test execution via a panel, to trigger the lane change or the emergency braking execution in real-time.

Prof. Zsolt Szalay from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) and Head of Innovation and Research of the ZalaZONE Test Course  guided the visitors with an ambitioned talk through the demonstrations.

iMAR has also a research cooperation with Prof. Szalay's university department of automotive technologies (GJT).

Further information:

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ZalaZone Proving Ground in Hungary
iTSV-KIA: iMAR's Traffic Simulation Vehicles
iSWACO-ARGUS: iMAR's Proving Ground Instrumentation Suite

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