Mittwoch, 29 Januar 2020
advanced Trainlab:  INS/GNSS/ODO reference made by iMAR / (c) Deutsche Bahn

iNAT-RQT: Motion and Localization Reference at Advanced TrainLab

Deutsche Bahn uses iNAT-RQT on the fastest Lab on the Rail  

For more than 20 years iMAR provides INS/GNSS/ODO reference systems to many rail network providers, rail vehicle operators, rail constrution machineries and rail vehicle assistance system manufacturers, worldwide.  

Since January 2020 also the "advanced TrainLab" from Deutsche Bahn AG is equipped permanently with iMAR's iNAT-RQT-4001 INS/GNSS/ODO inertial measurement system to provide accurate position, velocity, roll, pitch, heading, accelerations, angular rates, time and standard deviations in real-time.  

advanced TrainLab is one of the most modern labs on rails, where both rail companies and industry can test latest technologies for future railway applications.

Link to advanced TrainLab

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