Freitag, 09 März 2018
iMAR wins Tech.AD Award 2018 for iSWACO-ARGUS
The Certificate for iMAR's product iSWACO-ARGUS
Tech.AD 2018 Award Ceremony in Berlin with iMAR represenatives

iMAR wins Tech.AD Award 2018 for iSWACO-ARGUS

Award for the "Most Advanced Real-Life Testing & Simulation Techniques in Autonomous Driving"  

The Automotive Tech.AD is the No. 1 European event on technical challenges for vehicle automation L4+. It is Europe’s leading knowledge exchange platform bringing together every year in Berlin / Germany 350+ stakeholders who are playing an active role in the vehicle automation scene. Topics are Testing & Validation, Sensor Fusion, Deep Driving, Operational Safe Systems, Cognitive Vehicles, Software Architectures &  much more.

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iMAR is very proud to announce, that we have won the Tech.AD Award 2018 on March 6, 2018 during an official ceremony with our system solution iSWACO-ARGUS, our advanced proving ground automation equipment to perform fully automated economical testing of highly autmated vehicles up to SAE level 5 on arbitrary proving grounds.
iSWACO-ARGUS, which stays for "Swarm Control & Continuous Surveillance", is the unique toolchain for vehicle testing purposes specially designed to cover today's challenging requirements - including INS/GNSS based localization and control of all vehicles on sub-decimeter level (iTraceRT-MVT), RF mesh based communication between all vehicles (iDMN) and the central mobile control center, data analysis as well as trajectory and scenario planning software to plan, simulate and execute complex perfectly emulated traffic scenarios on the proving ground, including operation of traffic lights, traffic signs or rain simulators etc. (iARGUS-CMD)

All together, iSWACO-ARGUS enables the OEMS as well as the testing organizations to carry out the type approval or homologation for automated and autonomous vehicles, to test the VUT under probably all environmental conditions in real Traffic Scenarios now and in the future, up to SAE Level 5.       

Further information:

Ceremony of Tech.AD 2018 Award: Video  (3:59)

iSWACO-ARGUS: Video of operation with testing scenarios of traffic jam and a lane change (driverless driven TSV by iMAR technology without any need of any steering robot) on proving ground Pferdsfeld / Germany with TÜV-Süd Auto-Service GmbH and Volkswagen AG in 10/2017 (6:45)

iSWACO-ARGUS: Product Flyer (4 pages)

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