Montag, 15 Januar 2018
iPRENA-M-H: Navigation system as DRU / MAPS replacement
COBRA: Truck with Counter Battery Radar

iMAR delivers the first dozen of INS for COBRA Counter Battery Radar

Precise INS/GNSS Solution for Radar Antenna Alignment   

iMAR just delivered the 12th iPRENA-M-H system, a high performance INS/GNSS/ODO inertial navigation, localization and surveying system. This system is a replacement of the "historical" DRU / MAPS modular azimuth position system, which is out of production by several vendors since a longer time now. 

iMAR's replacement allows the user to keep all traditional cabling and communication inside the trucks or tanks alive without any need for changes while replacing the INS.   

Further iPRENA-M-H systems are under contract and in production.

Further information:

Datasheet iPRENA-M-H Precision Navigation for Defense Applications (DRU / MAPS replacement) 

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