Freitag, 15 August 2014
Transfer Alignment Tool - miniaturized measurement head (2.98 kg)

iPEGASUS-SHP: Transfer Alignment System now also with Miniaturized Measurement Head

iPEGASUS is a leading gyro based Transfer Alignment System, being a standard in aircraft industries, naval applications and industrual surveying tasks. It is used to transfer a 3D alignment (relative roll, pitch, yaw) from one subject to another subject with an accuracy of better than 0.01 deg.

The applications are to align e.g. weapon systems to a radar or / and to a navigation system or to align many sensors around an aircraft to one common coordinate frame (e.g. while aligning missile warning systems on military and civil aircrafts or tanks). Other applications are the alignment of shafts in naval applications or the alignment of rollers in paper machineries.

iMAR provides the iPEGASUS system since about 15 years and today we are pround to annouce with iPEGASUS-SHP a miniaturized Version, which consists of a light weight measurement head (only 2.98 kg) and a separated electronics and battery package in a backpack. The size of the miniaturized measurement head is only 145 x 145 x 145 mm³.

Further information:

iPEGASUS Transfer Alignment System Datasheet for Naval Applications, Gun and Antenna Alignment
iPEGASUS Transfer Alignment System Datasheet (general applications)

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