iIPSC-TR: Complete Target Tracking Range System Delivery

04. Oktober 2010

iMAR deliveres iIPSC-TR / iIPSC-GP40 to customer in Israel (10/2010)

With its tracking system iIPSC-TR iMAR just delivered a complete installation to track aircrafts and unmanned air vehicles (UAV, missiles, ...) on tracking ranges in on-shore and off-shore applications with the same equipment. The system will be operated on the Mediterranean Sea as well as in the Negev desert at Rafael's Weapon Test and Evaluation Center (WTEC) in Israel. It is the only known mobile tracker system which is capable to be operated on both on-shore (on land) and off-shore (on naval vessels).

The system is designed according to and fully covered by the German laws of export.

Furthermore the system design is capable to cover several configurations:

  • up to 4 on-shore mounted iIPSC-GP40 tracker in a test range to track air vehicles
  • up to 4 off-shore mounted iIPSC-GP40 tracker on naval vessels to track air vehicles
  • up to 4 airborne mounted iIPSC-LSG tracker on up to 4 airplanes to track vehicles on land, in the air or in the sea
  • combination of all configurations listed before  

A powerfull tracker architecture with integrated INS/GPS system (iNAV-RQH) for geo-referencing and very accurate attitude / heading and position reference, integrated fast target video tracker (iOET²), full autonomous operationability in case of hidden targets and a communication between all stations for guaranteeing best online and offline tracking results is the core of the system.

The integrated signal processing and user interface as well as the open system architecture make the system the best and most flexible solution for expanding existing tracker ranges as wll as building new tracker ranges.

Further information:

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Details are provided in the download area.
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