iMAR Navigation: Core of the iCORUS Airborne Gravimeter

iCORUS Airborne Gravimeter System

Low Weight & Small Size & Easy to Use  High Precision Airborne Gravimeter Systems

iCORUS is a family of light weight accurate strapdown airborne gravimeters with 1 ... 3 mGal accuracy (RMS). Combined with the gimballed accelerometer system iDGU-100x the performance is extended to < 1 mGal.

iCORUS is available in several performance and sensor classes. 

iCORUS provides gravi­me­tric disturbances measure­ments, gyro com­pas­sing, iner­tial navigation, sur­vey­ing, guidance and sta­bi­lization. It contains high performance gyros and accelerometers, an advanced GNSS engine and a dedicated signal acquisition and processing, based on iMAR's more than 25 years experience in manufacturing highly accurate inertial measurement systems for surveying, navigation and control. 

iCORUS covers appli­cations, which require high ac­cu­racy, reli­ability, a flexible in­ter­face and easy integration and usage.

Detailed information:

Datasheet iCORUS

Field results and scientific papers regarding performed gravimetric campaigns using iMAR technology (excerpt):

Publication Nature GeoScience 2019
Publication Strapdown Airborne Gravimetry 2019
Publication Campaign East Malaysia 2017
Publication Campaign Sabah / Malaysia 2016
Publication UAS Campaign 2018

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