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iAG²VC: Autonomous Vehicle Guidance & Control (outdoor, indoor)

Guidance and Navigation of Autonomous Driving Vehicles in difficult Environment

With iAG²VC iMAR provides a gyro based vehicle guidance and control system for demanding applications. iAG²VC stands for "autonomous gyro guided vehicle control". It uses its internal inertial sensors (single axis gyro or six-axes inertial measurement unit), an odometer (wheel sensor) and an integrated GNSS or/and LOCATA engine for processing external position information like GNSS or LOCATA or any other location determination (like machine vision) to perform an integrated dead-reckoning, based on the internal 42+ state data fusion (INS/GNSS/LOC/ODO tightly coupled extended Kalman filter).

The availability of several advanced aiding methods (e.g. also vision based collision avoidance and localization) allows iMAR to provide a most robust and reliable system solution from a single source.

Applications: autonomous vehicle control and guidance in harbours / ports (straddle carrier navigation, crane navigation), in industrial transportation, in hospitals, factories and in defence applications.

Further information:

iAG²VC: Datasheet (pdf)

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