iRailLoc-C: Advanced Train Positioning System for Localization and Communication

Universal Train Positioning Solution for Assistance Systems and Automated Train Operation 

iRailLoc is the solution for the precise and reliable localization of railway vehicles in real-time (train positioning system). In train applications also extensive GNSS outages have to be bridged and nevertheless the solution has to meet challenging economic requirements. iRailLoc-C is designed for railway vehicles, where the integration of a robust INS/GNSS/ODO solution together with radio communication is beneficial. It is designed to be used in train assistance systems as well as in ATO applications.

iRailLoc-C provides redundant GSM-R, GSM and LTE and as an option 5G communication, where FRMCS can be provided as soon as required / availale). The system is designed according to the common railway vehicle standards regarding environmental impacts, EMI/EMC and power supply (CENELEC). It comes in one small, rugged light weight enclosure.

It provides the full localization information of the train, i.e. position, direction, velocity, standard deviations and status. It can also provide an improved odomter output (obtained from the INS/GNSS/ODO data fusion) to be fed into the ETCS-OBU (ETCS onboard unit). The improved scale factor of this odometer signal of 0.1 % allows the infrastructure operator to enlarge the distances of the Euro balises significantly and provides a huge potential of cost saving. Same is with the output of moving direction from the iRailLoc-C: This feature allows to reduce the double installation of ETCS balises to single installation and can cut in half the required amount of Euro balises.

Support is offered on request to integrate the iRalLoc-C into a SIL 3 / SIL 4 train positioning architecture, also taking the CENELEC aspects into account. Also other external sensors like radar can be integrated.

iRailLoc-C is based on iMAR's well-known iNAT system architecture, used in airborne, shipborne and land navgation applications. iMAR's inertial measurement systems are also the traditional high performance solution for many rail surveying trains and challenging surveying tasks in Europe and worldwide since decades as well as for fleet localization, navigation and control. 

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Datasheet of iRailLoc-C

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