Mittwoch, 18 Februar 2015 ZEISS CONTURA coordinate measuring machine supports iMAR's mechanical manufacturing workshop Miniaturized RLG based navigation system of type iNAT-RQT-4003 during surveying of reference points

iMAR installs a ZEISS CONTURA Coordinate Measuring Machine

New Service for our Clients from the Surveying Business

For precise surveying applications using inertial or optical sensors, beside of a highly accurate time stamping and synchronization of all measurement data an most accurate mechanical reference of the systems is required for a seamless integration of the navigation Systems into the user's application.

iMAR now provides the Service to deliver the manufactred Systems with a measuring protocol containing the precise position off all mechanical reference locations of the system's  housing. A highly accurate coordinate measureing machine of type ZEISS CONTURA has been installed in February 2015 to provide this service to our customers.  


Samstag, 14 Februar 2015 iµVRU miniaturized IMS (50 grams) Team M. Dolderer with iMAR Navigation and StockFlight participants at the Air Race in Ascot / UK (08/2014) iNAT-M200-STN  with inertial MEMS sensors, L1L2 GPS+GLONASS and extended data fusion Photograph of Dolderer Team after pre-qualification on Abu Dhabi, 02/2015

iMAR at Red Bull Air Race with iµVRU based Trajectory Surveying

iMAR's iµVRU used in Team M. Dolderer for Flight Path Optimization

The inertial measurement System iµVRU is used in this application for precise monitoring of the flight trajectory (3D position, velocity, roll, pitch, heading, attitude, load factor, acceleration, angular rates) of highly agile aircrafts at Red Bull Air Race. iMAR's low weight high accurate INS/GNSS system is implemented on the EDGE 540 aircraft of M. Dolderer. The flight support and data visualization is provided by StockFlight Systems and the data acquisition and advanced INS/GNSS signal processing is performed by iMAR Navigation.

During the race in August 2014 in Ascot / UK the team M. Dolderer achieved race rank 4 and global rank 8 in the Master's Class. In Las Vegas (09/2014) we achieved rank 3. The race in Abu Dhabi (02/2015) is just in process.

Link to Red Bull Air Race

Further information:

Datasheet iµVRU-01(0.3 deg roll/pitch, 0.5 deg heading)

Test Report iµVRU-01

Please contact our sales engineers for further information.
Dienstag, 23 Dezember 2014 iMAR's new building for production & design,  finished 12/2014

iMAR starts design & mnufacturing work within the new erected third building

Design & Manufacturing of iMAR Products now also inside the new 3rd Building

In May 2014 we started to build up our third building at our headquarter's area in St. Ingbert and now, end of December 2014, we are proud to start operation inside. With this building we expand our space being usable for design and manufacturing significantly.

The new building provides additional 750 sqm space and is connected via a bridge to the elder buildings, which we built in 2003. A 7 m height manufacturing area with an integrated crane for up to 5 tons payload is available also to support our manufacturing of high sophisticated latest generation tracking systems (e.g. cine-theodolite replacements) for even extra large payloads like gyro stabilized multi-antenna systems. The large integration hall will also be used to equip autonomous driving vehicles of our customers with our advanced measurement systems.

Samstag, 18 Oktober 2014 iTraceRT navigates driverless Audi RS7 Sportback in Hockenheim with 240 km/h iTraceRT-F200 and iTraceRT-F400, iMAR's highly reliable und ultra precise INS/GNSS based deeply coupled navigation solution in realtime

Audi Autonomous Piloted Driving: 240 km/h with iTraceRT-F400 on Hockenheimring

iMAR's iTraceRT being used to steer Audi's "piloted driving concept" RS7 Sportback

In October 2014 the engineers of Audi AG and iMAR Navigation GmbH demonstrated automous driving at high speed on the wellknown Hockenheimring in Germany. Audi demonstrates its "piloted driving concept" during the DTM race at October 19th 2014 by driving fully autonomously with up to 240 km/h.

The motion detection and steering control is based on iMAR's iTraceRT-F400 INS/GNSS technology, aided by iMAR's iREF-L1L2 realtime RTK based correction system to achieve 2 cm Position accuracy. Additionally a video based signal processing is used to aid the autonomous vehicle guidance. Mercedes class E Klasse        

Independent on Audi's piloted driving activities, iMAR has a fully equipped automated driving vehicle available at its facilities to evaluate the latest INS/GNSS/camera/radar/LIDAR based hardware and algorithms in dedicated environmental setups.     

Further information:

Video of Audi AG about autonomous driving DTM racing car RS7 using iMAR's INS/GNSS navigation Equipment iTraceRT-F400 and iREF-L1L2 [in German language]    (c) Audi AG / Netzwelt

Video about Audi's RS7 autonomous driving race car using iMAR's INS/GPS navigation Equipment [in English language]    (c) Audi AG

Press Release Audi AG: RS7 ohne Fahrer auf dem Hockenheimring [in German language]   (c) Audi AG

iTraceRT-F400 datasheet

Dienstag, 02 September 2014 Neubau iMAR Feier des Richtfestes von Bauabschnitt III @ iMAR St. Ingbert iMAR implemented a Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine at St. Ingbert Facilities

iMAR feiert Richtfest des 3. Bauabschnitts

Topping Out Ceremony for 3rd Building celebrated at iMAR in St. Ingbert

Wir haben mit 90 Gästen und Mitarbeitern das Richtfest unseres 3. Bauabschnitts gefeiert. Hier entstehen neue Flächen für Fertigung, Entwicklung und Lager.

Besonderheiten des neuen Gebäudes, das mit einer Fußgängerbrücke an die Bestandsgebäude angebunden ist, sind eine 7 m hohe Montagehalle, Schwerlastfundamente für Meß- und Fertigungsmaschnen und ein integrierter 5t Einträger-Laufkran.

Wie unsere beiden Bestandsgebäude, die wir 2003 errichtet haben, ist auch dieser Bauabschnitt als multifunktionales Gebäude in antimagnetischer Holzbauweise mit Niedrig-Energie-Eigenschaften errichtet. Das neue Gebäude wird in 01/2015 seiner Funktion übergeben.

Gleichzeitig wird iMAR in 02/2015 seine Meß- und Prüftechnik um eine hochgenaue CONTURA G2-10/12/6-RDS Koordinatenmeßmaschine der CARL ZEISS AG erweitern. Mit ihrem großen Meßbereich liegt ihr Einsatz im Bereich der präzisen Ausrichtung und Prüfung der in unserer Hause konstruierten und in unserer mechanischen Fertigung hergestellten komplexen Teile im Bereich der Trackersysteme, Drehsimulatoren und hochgenauen Navigationsanlagen.

Freitag, 15 August 2014 Transfer Alignment Tool - miniaturized measurement head (2.98 kg)

iPEGASUS-SHP: Transfer Alignment System now also with Miniaturized Measurement Head

iPEGASUS is a leading gyro based Transfer Alignment System, being a standard in aircraft industries, naval applications and industrual surveying tasks. It is used to transfer a 3D alignment (relative roll, pitch, yaw) from one subject to another subject with an accuracy of better than 0.01 deg.

The applications are to align e.g. weapon systems to a radar or / and to a navigation system or to align many sensors around an aircraft to one common coordinate frame (e.g. while aligning missile warning systems on military and civil aircrafts or tanks). Other applications are the alignment of shafts in naval applications or the alignment of rollers in paper machineries.

iMAR provides the iPEGASUS system since about 15 years and today we are pround to annouce with iPEGASUS-SHP a miniaturized Version, which consists of a light weight measurement head (only 2.98 kg) and a separated electronics and battery package in a backpack. The size of the miniaturized measurement head is only 145 x 145 x 145 mm³.

Further information:

iPEGASUS Transfer Alignment System Datasheet for Naval Applications, Gun and Antenna Alignment
iPEGASUS Transfer Alignment System Datasheet (general applications)

Please contact our sales engineers for further information.
Dienstag, 08 Juli 2014 iMAR auf dem DVW Seminar in Hamburg 2014

iMAR auf dem DVW Seminar in Hamburg

iMAR hält Gastvortrag auf dem DVW Seminar "Multi-Sensor-Systeme

Am 19. September hält iMAR auf dem DVW Seminar "Multi-Sensor-Systeme" an der HafenCity-Universität Hamburg einen Gastvortrag zum Thema "Inertiale Sensoren in der Navigation (low-cost - higzh-end).

Further information:

Flyer zur Veranstaltung des DVW

Freitag, 06 Juni 2014 iµVRU for testing bicycle, e-bike and pedelec motion dynamics iµVRU: small, light, low power, accurate - all in one and plug & play!

E-Bike and PedelecTesting with iµVRU

iµVRU: Dynamic Testing of E-Bikes, Pedelecs and Motorcycles

iMAR is a well-known market leader providing most accurate inertial measurement systems for automotive ADAS verification like ABS testing or adjustment of automatic vehicle damper control.

Using the iµVRU, a very low power consuming and only 50 grams light weight INS/GPS system with advanced online signal processing, iMAR demonstrated the motion dynamics testing of bicycles, E-Bikes and pedelecs.

The iµVRU provides accurate roll, pitch, heading, 3D velocity, 3D position, 3D acceleration and 3D angular rates with up to 200 Hz.

Key advantages against competitive systems are its high accuracy, plug&play easy use, fast installation (needs < 5 minutes, see picture) and autonomous operation: the iµVRU is simply supplied from the notebook's USB, which is carried in the backpack of the test Driver and also collects all measurement data!

Further information:

iµVRU Datasheet
Bicycle, E-Bile and Pedelec Testing with iµVRU (Test Report)

Freitag, 09 Mai 2014 iVRU-CB-M: MEMS based INS/GPS attitude, heading & motion reference system for UAV, AUV and AGV

iVRU-CB-M: Rugged MEMS based INS/GPS system verified in extensive flight test campaign

iVRU-CB-M: Performance test executed on helicopter (UAS)

iMAR's iVRU-CB-M is a miniaturized System, containing MEMS based inertial sensors and an integrated GNSS receiver. It provides CAN and RS422 UART Interfaces with up to 100 Hz data rate. It can use its internal GPS receiver or it can be aided by iDAGOS, our dual-antenna GNSS System, which can also provide heading in even very low & no dynamic environment. iVRU-CB-M is made for applications which require reliable performance in a small package and simple usage.

The test report, containing 3 different flights, is available under the following link for download. The iVRU-CB-M had been tested against both, a FOG based and RLG based system, where the reference data of the FOG and RLG based systems had been processed additionally in post-processing using RTK aiding to have an accurate reference available.

The iVRU-CB-M was operated online without any ground station based GNSS reference data.

The iVRU-CB-M together with our iMAG-DMC-LS is also accepted from the Swiss Aviation Authorities (FOCA / BAZL) to be used inside of the SolarImpulse II aircraft on its famous trip around the whole earth  as the main Pilot Assistance System (attitude, heading, Position, velocity, rates and acceleration). The challenge fr the Solar Impulse airplane was light weight and low power at superior and reliable performance. Details see .

Further information:

Test Report:Flight tests of MEMS based iVRU-CB-M, compared agaiinst FOG based and RLG based systems
Datasheet iVRU-CB-M:Very compact INS/GNSS MEMS based inertial measurement system, used e.g. for UAV navigation and control (AHRS) or autonomous vehicle guidance (AGV) tasks for land and marine applications
Datasheet iVRU-SN-M:Very compact INS/GNSS MEMS based low noise high bandwidth inertial measurement system, designed e.g. for UAV navigation, guidance and control, AHRS function or autonomous vehicle guidance (AGV) tasks for land and marine applications

Dienstag, 22 April 2014 iIPSC-MSG-130 EOTS Tracker: View into the shelter, operator's control desk iIPSC-MSG-130 stabilized gimbal with IR & DL camera, LRF and several multi purpose interfaces

Gyro Stabilized Tracking System (EOTS) delivered to ArmaSuisse

iIPSC-MSG-130: Gyro Stabilized Electro Optical Tracking System for Multi Purpose Payloads

iMAR delivered a customized electro optical tracking System (EOTS) of type iIPSC-MSG-130 to ArmaSuisse, the Swiss Defence Authorities.
The platform is fully two axes gyro stabilized including video tracking (iOET²) capability, true north alignment, joystick control and provides an open interface to ArmaSuisse' computer system.
The iIPSC-MSG-130 can carry up to 130 kg customized payload, like daylight and IR cameras, Laser range finder, RF antennas and other classified equipment.

The tracking gimbal is integrated into an advanced container device (ACD) with vertical lift platform (see linked video) to support a mobile operation during national and international tracking campaigns.

The first campaign, where this system participated, had been NATO TRIAL EMBOW XIV 2014 in France in spring 2014.

EMBOW XIV Participation of ARMASUISSE using iMAR's iIPSC-MSG-130 - see more here...

Video of tracking iIPSC-MSG-130 (58 MByte)   (c) iMAR Navigation GmbH

Contact iMAR Sales Team for detailed information.
Dienstag, 15 April 2014 Subsea Weapon Attitude Heading Reference

iMAR is contracted for 100+ Systems for Subsea Weapon Navigation and Control

iTNAV: Torpedo Navigation System

iMAR recently received contracts to deliver about 100+ AHRS systems for underwater weapon system guidance and control. The contract contains an additional significant option for further Systems to be delivered.

The iTNAV and its derivates are used as the primary navigation and guidance sensor in new built systems as well as for replacements of traditional mechanical gyroscopes in system upgrades.

Contact iMAR Sales Team for detailed information.
Donnerstag, 10 April 2014 iDAGOS, iATTHEMO: Dual Antenna True Heading References True North / True Heading Providing System

Dual-Antenna Attitude / Heading Reference System: iDAGOS, iATTHEMO

iDAGOS & iATTHEMO: True North related Heading, based on Dual Antenna GNSS

iDAGOS is a miniaturized dual-antenna GNSS compass to provide true heading with up to 20 Hz. It is made for applications which require reliable performance in a small package and simple usage.

With iATTHEMO iMAR has launched also a devation of iDAGOS, which caontains additional an IMU and a Kalman filter based data Fusion, all integrated on a low power high efficient Signal processing unit.

Features of iDAGOS and iATTHEMO:

  • True Heading with up to 20 Hz data rate due to Dual Antenna GNSS, using L1L2 GPS
  • WGS84 position & velocity with up to 20 Hz as an option
  • iATTHMOS provides additionally position, velocity, roll / pitch (attitude) and system status with up to 200 Hz.

Further information:

Datasheet iDAGOS:True Heading GNSS Based Sensor
Datasheet iATTHEMO:Very compact True Heading GNSS based inertial Navigation and Motion Reference System (AHRS)

Dienstag, 18 März 2014 iMAR Booth 2013

iMAR auf der Safety Expo 2014

iMAR at Safety Expo 2014 in May 2014 in Aschaffenburg / Germany

In May 2014 iMAR will present its leading automotive related testing, verification and navigation products at SAFETY EXPO 2014 during the SAFETY WEEK in Aschaffenburg / Germany. Presented products will be e.g. iTraceRT-F400, iNAV-RQT, iTraceRT-M200, iVRU-FQ, iVRU-CFM, iµVRU, iTURTLE, iPACK and iREF.

We are looking forward to meet you in Aschaffenburg to discuss your demands and to show you our high performance Solutions in Navigation & Control.

Safety Expo 2014, Booth 33 (20.-22.05.2014 Stadthalle Aschaffenburg, Germany)"

Dienstag, 11 Februar 2014 iSSMC-HC: Heave Compensation and Dynamic Positioning

iSSMC-HC: Heave Compensation and Dynamic Positioning for Work Ships

iSSMC: Sensors, Controllers and Design Support for Heave Compensators and Dynamic Positioning

iMAR provides INS/GNSS based systems for Heave Compensation and Dynamic Control. In a co-operation with a well-known German ship builder iMAR is in process to apply its control and sensor technology as well as its iSSMC control system on offshore service vessels for wind mill maintenance and service applications.

The picture shows the dynamic docking and heave compensation (i.e. keeping the working platform at constant height and vertical alignment) of such service vessel at a wind turbine (click on the figure to expand it's size).

The installation of the patented system architecture allows significant higher efficiency of service vessels or wind turbine shuttles, fuel saving due to the usage of light-weight vessels and significant improvement of the safetiness of the service staff. The system contains the inertial and auxilliary sensors, the interfaces to the hydraulic and electric system, the data fusion and control including dynamic positioning and heave / surge / sway / pitch / roll and heading control, the bridge control and alarming system. iMAR also provides consultation in the hydraulic and electric design of the lift and thrusters systems of the vessel incl. a full dynamic system simulation.

Rolling Jack in Manufacturing - Press Release, 02/2014"

Mittwoch, 22 Januar 2014 Autonomous Driving 2014 in Berlin <br> iMAR is Business Partner and Sponsor

iMAR auf der AUTONOMOUS DRIVING 2014 in Berlin

iMAR on AUTONOMOUS DRIVING - The Future of ADAS 2014 in Berlin / Germany

In February 2014 iMAR presents its leading automotive related surveying and ADAS verification Systems on the AUTONOMOUS DRIVING - The Future of ADAS 2014 in Berlin, located at RAMADA Hotel.

iMAR is Sponsor and Business Partner of this top-level event (27.-28.02.2014 in Berlin).

Presented products will be iTraceRT-F400, iNAV-RQT, iTraceRT-M200, iµVRU, iTURTLE, iPACK, iREF.

Web Site of the Top Event "Autonomous Driving 2014"

Montag, 20 Januar 2014 iVRU-CB for vehicle stabilization and navigation

iMAR is contracted for 150+ MEMS based AHRS for UAV navigation (iVRU-CB-M)

iVRU-CB-M: Rugged small size Inertial Measurement System with MEMS Sensors, GPS Receiver and advanced Data Fusion for UAVs

iMAR recently received contracts to deliver 100+ AHRS systems of type iVRU-CB-M for UAV guidance and control.

The iVRU-CB-M contains MEMS based inertial sensors (gyros, accelerometers), a GPS receiver (SBAS capability, EGNOS available), a powerfull miniature processor with an embedded advanced INS/GNSS based data fusion and is fully EMI/EMC protected, designed for environmental impacts according to MIL-STD 810F.

The system replaces mechanical and FOG based gyros on fixed wing as well as on helicopter UAVs / UAS and provides an economic, robust and accurate solution for autonomous guidance and control.

Further information:

Datasheet iVRU-CBwith 4.7 g accelerometer range and 300 deg/s rate range

Mittwoch, 08 Januar 2014 iVRU: Primary Flight Navigation & Control System for UAV / UAS FALCO

UN Mission MONUSCO supported by iMAR UAV navigation systems

iVRU used for UAV Navigation & Control in UN Mission MONUSCO in Congo

iMAR's advanced INS/GNSS System iVRU-FQ is used as Primary Navigation and Control System on the Unmanned Aerial Systems (FALCO UAS) being operated by the United Nations in the Democratic Republik of Congo. For Details see the attached press release.

Further information:

Press Release: iMAR Navigation & Control for UAVs in UN Mission MONUSCO

Selex FALCO UAV, shown at The Commercial UAV Show in London, October 2014

Dienstag, 10 Dezember 2013

Driftless Technology licensed by iMAR

Driftless Technology: Cooperation between iMAR and TNO

iMAR is licensed to use the so-called "Driftless Technology" from TNO to improve inertial sensor accuracy especially for gyro compassing applications.

Press Release:

Driftless Technology exclusively licensed to iMAR Navigation for North Finding applications

Montag, 09 Dezember 2013 InterGeo 2013

iMAR auf der InterGeo 2014 in Berlin

iMAR at InterGeo 2014 in Berlin / Germany

As in the last years, also in October 2014 iMAR will present its leading geodetic and automotive related surveying and navigation related range of products. Presented products will be e.g. iTraceRT-F400, iNAV-RQT, iTraceRT-M200, iVRU-FQ, iVRU-CFM, iµVRU, iTURTLE, iPACK, iREF.

InterGeo 2014, October 2014 in Berlin, Germany)"

Dienstag, 10 September 2013 Automated Driving a ramp speed crossing, controlled by iTraceRT Autonomous driving repeatability demonstration

Bertha Benz: Automated Car Driving embedded in Real Traffic by Daimler AG

iMAR's iTraceRT being used as Safety System for most challenging automated driving

In August 2013 the engineers of Daimler AG demonstrated driving fully autonomously about 100 km non-stop embedded in the current traffic in Germany from Mannheim to Pforzheim with an S 500 INTELLIGENT DRIVE research car. They followed the historical track which had been performed by Bertha Benz exactly 125 years ago, at that time to demonstrate the reliability of the world's first car.

For navigation and control the car had only been equipped with close-to-production sensors. Only as a safety backup, a high performance INS/GNSS deeply coupled navigation system of type iTraceRT from manufacturer iMAR Navigation was installed.

Further information:

Video of Daimler AG about Bertha Benz related automaded driving with iMAR reference equipment (96 MByte)   (c) Daimler AG

Press Release Daimler AG   (c) Daimler AG

Product Information about iTraceRT System Family

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